Photographer Chris Lo

I am a Tulsa photographer specializing in beautifully crafted architectural photography, creative portraits, editorial and commercial photography.

About Me

I am a passionate photographer with over 30 years of experience. My areas of expertise include contemporary portrait photography, architectural, commercial, product & events photography. My photographs have been used in many different advertising campaigns, magazines and media.

“I believe photography is a very special art form. It can tell a story and bring you back in time. A smile or a glance is enough to warm your heart. Nothing gives me more satisfaction than capturing the essence of a person within and presenting it visually.

As a professional designer for almost 30 years, I think and see ‘outside the box’. It is my mission to provide a different perspective of life and preserve the special memory for my clients (and their family and friends) through photography. It could be a candid moment or an unexpected pose, but it is all about having a good experience and a great product.”