Tulsa Commercial, Architectural, Portrait & Product Photographer.

So Glad You’re Here!

Chris Lo is a Tulsa, Oklahoma based commercial photographer who infuses a passion for creative design with a skillset that delivers award winning images that build reputation.

Businesses, Non-Profits, Government Agencies, and Entrepreneurial Professionals are increasingly pushed to communicate, engage, and showcase themselves both in B2B and B2C environments. Photography that is engineered for marketing and design will give your organization leverage in the fast-paced information age.

An expert in Architectural, Portraits, Editorial, Commercial, and Product Photography, Chris Lo has over three decades of experience in the design industry working with business clients to shape their message and project their positive reputation.

Chris is a certified Air B&B Plus Photographer and joined the marketing company Go Daddy Social, with whom he currently collaborates within the Tulsa Metropolitan area.

“Logos and Taglines can only show so much. Effective photography can pull back the curtain and allow your audience to look behind the scenes, letting people see the deeper story behind your organization.”
— Chris Lo

Quality Photography Matters

Quality images are the cornerstone for any successful marketing, advertising, or branding campaign — and can stand the test of time. As the founder of Tulsa headquartered media firm Matcha Design, Chris understands how important your reputation is to your business. His mission is to help you share that story through stunning photography that’s ahead of the curve of contemporary marketing trends.

Chris Lo’s work has been featured in advertising campaigns, magazines, and other media channels around the world.